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1 hour only – Arizona CCW Firearm application and process for returning Force Defensive Firearms Training students only.

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CCW firearm paperwork for Arizona, Non-resident – 1 hour only – Arizona CCW Firearm certification and application process for returning Force Defensive Firearms Training students only.

Prior to start, each firearm must be inspected along with the holster prior to qualifying.  After inspection, the Arizona CCW applicant must qualify at the range with the firearm(s).  Additionally, each student must attend one of Force Defensive Firearms CCW classes with a passing score.

This class is NOT a substitute for the required training for the CCW firearm application for Arizona.  Additionally, each student will be required to fingerprint at our office, located at 24630 Washington Ave, Suite 202 – Office 102, Murrieta CA 92562.

Required equipment and clothing.

1. Student should bring all firearms they want to qualify with.

2. Modifications are not recommendedRed-dot optics are OK.

3. Ammunition: At least 100 rounds.

4. Holster- Inside or Outside the waistband​ OK (kydex holsters recommended).

5. NO ankle holsters, shoulder holsters, serpa holsters, or pocket holsters.

6. Regular Belt – Leather or Nylon.​

7. 2 Magazines (minimum).

8. Appropriate Range Attire, No flip flops.

Note: Taking this class does not guarantee the issuance of a CCW.

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Lastly, for more information about your local gun laws, you can receive a free copy here.


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