Private lessons four-hour skill builder


4-hour private lesson – Skill Builder

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The private lessons skill builder class was created for beginning to experienced shooters.  This class will continue teaching firearm fundamentals, which will be used like building blocks for future training.  Additionally, each class is unique, as we will focus on each students’ deficiencies.  More specifically, we will break down body mechanics even further, as it pertains to each individual.

In the beginning of each class, we will establish a baseline, and then develop and strengthen each student’s skillset.  The best part of this class is that we will work on what each students wants to improve.  Whether it’s their draw stroke, marksmanship, grip, trigger press, target transitions or even speed, we have got you covered.

Private lessons skill builder is especially helpful for CCW students, that are getting ready for a renewal or want to add another firearm to their current CCW.  We will get you comfortable drawing that new firearm from concealment, and dial in accuracy through better trigger press and master grip techniques.

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