Our Philosophy

Train with POST and NRA certified instructors at Force Defensive Firearms Training. Our company provides real solutions to real firearms problems. We use the most current Military and Law Enforcement techniques to better prepare our students to use deadly force, if the problem should arise. It is better to have proper training and never use it, then not having any training and need it.

Train with POST and NRA certified instructors

Owner and instructor Michael Lubanko is a Christ loving patriotic firearms instructor. His certifications include POST Rangemaster, NRA pistol, NRA rifle, NRA CCW, NRA range safety officer, Krav Maga practitioner, stop the bleed. Additionally, he is a member of the NRA, USCCA, FPC, CGF, and USPSA. Also, as a student, he attends over 20 classes a year, building and refining his firearms and medical training. These classes consist of advanced pistol and rifle techniques including, force on force, low light, no light, CQB, along with TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care).